Parking Enforcement and Security Services

Parking/ Security Management Companies are not all the same and it is unwise an illegal to use an unlicensed or unapproved contractors. Before you commit to using any provider, we strongly recommend that you check for service standards and industry Accreditations.

Use this List below to compare other providers with Parking Enforcement & Security Services Limited. For your own protection do not consider using a Company that cannot answer YES to the following questions.

  • Do they use an Approved Debt Recovery Company?  

  • Are they members and Approved Operators of British Parking Association?

  • Do they have Public Liability Insurance?

  • Do they have Employers Liability?

  • Are they V.A.T Registered?

  • Do they provide staff in branded uniform?

  • Are they Data Protection Approved under the Data Protection Act?

  • Do they have access to DVLA database?

  • Do they use Company sign written and Company insured patrolling vehicles?

  • Do they have a 24 hour control room for a quick response to all its clients?

  • Do they provide clear Bold Warning Signs approved by the British Parking Association?

  • Are the fines charged in line with the British Parking Association guidelines?

  • Can they provide you references from their existing clients?

  • Do they have an Appeals or Complaints service?

  • Rest assured that Parking Enforcement & Security Services ticks Yes to all the above mentioned questions.



Company Registration Number 07736189

ICO Registration Number Z3210319

V.A.T Registration Number 141730540

British Parking Assn. Member 30759

All Security Staff Licensed By S.I.A

Green Accredation Granted by DVLA

Parking Lots achieved Park Mark By B.P.A

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